Never Have I Ever: TV Review

Never Have I Ever is definitely a hit in my opinion, a teen comedy series that is continually funny and enjoyable. The cast of young actors is definitely one with a bright future ahead of them, who succeeded in building a group of likeable and relatable characters to bring this series to life.

The Midnight Gospel: TV Review

The Midnight Gospel is utterly Adventure Time-esque but with a much more adult spin on both the animation and the subject matter, which is likely exciting for fans of Adventure Time who grew up with the show but are now old enough to appreciate something a little different and more mature.

Without a doubt, the story is compelling. Between the strict societal codes that are so scandalously crossed by the younger characters, the fervent whispers of dark secrets, reputations and fortunes on the line, and a would-rather-be-forgotten past coming back to haunt our two leading ladies, there's plenty to keep watching for.

Quibi is a new type of streaming platform offering small, “bite sized” pieces of entertainment meant to be viewed from your phone and starring many of Hollywood’s elite.

The show works to push the idea that experiences and struggles encountered by the characters are, despite the over 100 year difference between us, not all that different from those people still encounter today.

The show makes a pointed effort to highlight all of the hypocrisy, discrimination, superficiality, and predatory activity that is all too common in Hollywood and the entertainment industry today while also working to draw attention to the value of representation and supporting art and media put out by queer and POC artists.

High Fidelity: TV Review

Despite some unlikeable characters and moments that make you want to scream “WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT” High Fidelity is a series that features a lot of crucial representation that previous iterations of the narrative have been missing and, because of that, likely lands better with today's more tolerant, diverse, and accepting audiences.

While the issues this series tackles are undoubtedly important ones, if the pacing of the pilot episode is any indicator for the rest of the show then I fear that For Life may have bitten off more than it can chew.