Op-Ed: Character or Caricature?

Queer representation in the media is not hard to achieve when created and curated by queer people. Queer characters will always be more accurate to our community when created by LGBTQ+ writers. We need queer representation in the writer’s room so we don’t see caricatures of queer people on our screens.

Authentically Asian: A Collection of Stories and Experiences by Asian Youth

Everyone has a story itching to be told. In light of the recent rise of anti-Asian hate crimes, this article aims to be a collection of authentically told Asian stories. By sharing our experiences, we hope to showcase the diversity in the Asian community and enable accurate and holistic representation. Enjoy a few stories from members of the Dear Asian Youth and TV Wasteland community.

March TV Schedule

This month brings the highly anticipated premiere of 'The Falcon and the Winter Soldier', plus the launch of Paramount+ bringing all new SpongeBob content and the return of 'The Real World'.