Finding Eutopia

After being recruited to a school for students with magical powers, not-so-magical Katie Tran has to “find utopia” for one of her classes. She bands up with a group of magical peers to find this “utopia”, and they all must learn the true meaning(s) of perfection- both on the inside and out.

TV Wasteland Anti-Racism Educational Toolkit

Following the events of the past couple months, from the grossly unjust murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade and countless other Black victims of white supremacy and police violence, to the global racial reckoning causing a major paradigm shift to work to end systemic racism, TV Wasteland's Pitch Deck division has pieced together a historical context guide in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, to understanding the roots of systemic racism in America.


At an all boys boarding school, outcast student Sunny Carmine, falls for prominent student Eli Feldman after a small notion of kindness. Finding happiness at the possibility of companionship and “true love”, Sunny will do anything he can to make sure he’s never alone again.