In an industry run by executives generations above us, TV Wasteland provides a refreshing perspective on all things pop culture for young adults, by young adults. 

Since television’s beginnings, rountables, press junctions, and red carpet interviews have been filled with adults covering teen events, trying to figure out what Gen Z wants. Creator and CEO of TV Wasteland, Ryan Flaherty, knew that something needed to change if she wanted to get honest and qualified coverage of the shows she loved. What started as wishful thinking suddenly turned into a rapidly successful organization. Within less than a year, TV Wasteland grew from three highschoolers to a team of 25. 

From interviews with Euphoria exec Kathleen McCaffrey and Never Have I Ever actress Maitreyi Ramakrishnan to TV Wasteland original projects like “TV Tracks” and “Pitch Deck” the site has continued to create a dynamic resource for anything and everything TV. TVW isn’t training the next executives and creatives for Hollywood, we’re already there. 

Anya Ernst

Photographed by Aquamarine Magazine’s Reagan Doherty

“In today’s episode, I spoke with teen CEO, Ryan Flaherty, and talked about how she started TV Wasteland. Through TV Wasteland, Ryan has been bringing in a much needed teen perspective on television. We dive into Hollywood, the industry, what type of shows teens want to see, and how she was able to work with big companies like Hulu, Netflix, and Apple. Take a listen!”

“This week we head to Boston, Massachusetts, and sit down with Ryan Flaherty from TV Wasteland. We discuss what it takes to start a multimedia company and how to accomplish your dreams in such a short time by applying yourself 100 percent to your craft. TV Wasteland is just over a year old and has made major headway in the entertainment industry with interviews, reviews, and outreach. Ryan also discusses her passion for inspiring tomorrow’s youth and how she has handled running a company, and what the future will be for TV Wasteland!”

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