“Patriot Act”: Global Issues Through A Comedic Lens

Featured image courtesy of New York Institute of Tech

“Patriot Act” is a Netflix talk show starring comedian and storyteller Hasan Minhaj that examines important issues from around the world through a comedic lens. Each episode features an in-depth look on a different topic ranging from the opioid epidemic to the role of cricket in India. 

It’s impossible to get bored watching the show because “Patriot Act” covers such a wide array of topics in an engaging and entertaining way. The fact that the issues covered are so relevant and timely also adds to how this show brings you directly into different global conversations. Additionally, Minhaj discusses issues that aren’t at the forefront of global news, providing audiences with an opportunity to learn something new and shed light onto issues that are overlooked by the media. 

The show is also very versatile in the sense that both people who are highly engaged in world affairs and those who are more disconnected can both enjoy the show and understand the issues Minhaj presents. “Patriot Act” masterfully unpacks complicated political, social, and cultural issues in a way that all audiences can comprehend and relate to. With the help of award-winning graphics and Minhaj’s incredible capacity for storytelling, “Patriot Act” provides excellent contextualization of complex issues and provides a well-rounded look into the nuances of the topics discussed. 

While the show covers serious issues, it’s also witty in comedy and writing. The live-show set up and presence of an audience mirrors stand up comedy shows, something that comedy fans can appreciate. Minhaj is absolutely hilarious with punchlines that catch you off guard and come when you least expect it. The use of comedy to engage viewers is so brilliant because comedy is innately accessible. By allowing the audience to laugh alongside Minhaj and finding ways to relate the content to what’s familiar to the audience, the show makes the complex issues “Patriot Act” covers connect more with a wide array of viewers. While Minhaj is a great comedian, he is also very down-to-earth and genuine. His sincerity makes his transitions between a more serious look at the issues featured in each episode and his comedic spin on the content so seamless.

I would highly recommend this show for people who are interested in social and political issues, but especially for those who aren’t. “Patriot Act” is a show designed for everyone. So be prepared to laugh and be prepared to cry, but, most of all, be prepared to widen your perspective.

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