Buckle-Up ‘Supernatural’ Fans, The Series Will Live-On With This CW Series

Following the conclusion of the 15 season-long ‘Supernatural’ series, the CW is keeping the dedicated fanbase engaged with a new spinoff. Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki play Sam and Dean Winchester, the spinoff is focused on the early life of their parents, John and Mary Winchester. The series titled ‘The Winchesters’ has a script commitment with CW and will be produced by Chaos Machine Productions. 

The ‘Supernatural’ has had two unsuccessful attempts at spinoffs but neither was picked up by a network. Now ‘Supernatural’ fans will recognize that the narration from the original series done by Jensen Ackles aka Dean Winchester will continue. Not only will the spinoff tell the story of how John and Mary met and fell in love but also how they saved the world together.

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