With The Emmys Around The Corner, Here Are Some Notable Favorites

As the Emmys near, the Emmy for best score has a multitude of options and these are some can’t miss standouts. First up is the ‘Flight Attendant’, composer Blake Neely utilized percussion and piano to highlight how the main character, Cassandra, was dealing with her situation and painted her as “a broken child” said Neely. Next up we have, ‘The Crown’, composer Martin Phipps meticulously created intentional music to meet the characters where they were at and intertwine Princess Diana’s presence and influence throughout the fourth season. 

‘The Mosquito Coast’ used composer Antonio Pinto who wrote the base of the entire score within five days and pushed a rough outdoor terrane to feel to the music to emphasize the place in which the characters were. ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ worked with composer Jeff Russo to create a repeating melody throughout the series to simulate the frequency and repeating nature of space. Finally, in ‘Jupiter’s Legacy’, Composer Stephanie Economou had the advantage of seeing episodes before composing the music giving her the ability to understand the grand themes the series was trying to tell and complement it with choir music while simultaneously being intentional with the soft emotional beats of the show.

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