HBO Max Is Bringing Back The Magic With A New ‘Magic Mike’ Dance Competition

With the most recent ‘Magic Mike’ film ‘Magic Mike XXL’ coming out back in 2015, the magic is being brought back in this new dance tv competition. The tv series will bring on 10 guys who have “lost their magic” to learn dance routines by the experts in a chance to perform at the ‘Magic Mike Live’ show in Las Vegas and win some cash! Of course, this wouldn’t be a ‘Magic Mike’ project without one Mr. Channing Tatum. Tatum along with director Steven Soderbergh will be executive producers on the project.

HBO Max has taken on the task of making this happen and HBO Max’s head of original content Sarah Aubrey said this about the series, “From box office hits to sold-out live shows, Magic Mike has proven to be a pop culture juggernaut that continues to delight people across the globe”. She then went on to praise everyone who is working to get the series up and running saying, “We’re excited to work with Channing, Steven and the team behind Magic Mike Live to continue this successful franchise that celebrates self-confidence and sexiness both inside and out.”

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