Dog Grooming Competition ‘Pooch Perfect’ To Be Hosted By Rebel Wilson

The ‘Pitch Perfect’ star is set to host the new ABC dog grooming competition ‘Pooch Perfect’. 10 professional dog groomers and their assistants come on the show to display their talents. The groomers will compete in challenges titled by the ABC show as, “Immunity Puppertunity” and the “Ultimutt.” ABC goes onto describe the format of the competition as: “In these challenges, the teams face off in epic grooming trans-fur-mations and showcase their incredible creations on the illustrious ‘dogwalk.'”

This will be a 10-episode series with the judges on the show being Lisa Vanderpump, Jorge Bendersky (dog groomer), and Dr. Callie Harris(vet). The show already has had an Australian version, with Rebel Wilson as the host, and was a great success. ‘Pooch Perfect’ is being produced by Beyond Media Rights Limited.

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