‘The X Factor Israel’ Is Set To Have Simon Cowell Judge

‘The X Factor Israel’ is now working on their fourth season and announced that Simon Cowell would be playing a big role in helping and judging on the new season. Cowell will also be helping to pick the judges alongside himself. Filming is set to commence in a few months. This addition for Cowell is one of his first appearances after back surgery following a bike accident in August. Cowell was replaced as a judge on ‘America’s Got Talent’ by Kelly Clarkson during his recovery.

‘The X Factor Israel’ will stream and is created with Reshet, an  Israeli television broadcasting/production company. In a statement from the production company, Reshet said, “Cowell is one of the biggest and most influential music figures in the world,” and that “ his participation as a judge in the Israeli format provides an opportunity for international exposure for Israeli singers.” Adding that Cowell going to Israel is “a huge achievement for Israeli TV.” Cowell also put out a statement saying, “Over the years we have discovered incredible talents from around the world through the ‘X Factor’ format,” and that he could “barely wait to see what the Israelis have to offer.”

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