‘Mornings in Jenin’ A Palestinian Based Novel To Be Adapted For TV By Annemarie Jacir

Palestinian Director Annemarie Jacir has announced that she will be working on and directing ‘Mornings in Jenin’, a novel adapted for tv. The novel follows a Palestinian family who is forced out of their home and into refugee camps in Jenin. It walks readers through the multigenerational journey of the Abulheja family. The author of the novel is Susan Abulhawa who is a Palestinian-American. The 2010 novel gained major traction and was translated into 25+ languages.

Annemarie Jacir was herself born in Bethlehem and then raised in Saudi Arabia. Her breakthrough film, ‘Salt of the Sea’ followed an American woman traveling to Brooklyn, West Bank, and Israel to retrieve and recover parts of her heritage. Jacir has also directed award-winning films such as, ‘When I Saw You’ and ‘Wajib’. In addition to her film accomplishments, she is also the co-founder of Philistine Films.

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