ViacomCBS Cancels ‘One Day at a Time’ And Now Sony Is Looking To Pick Up The Comedy

After COVID shutdowns cut ‘One Day at a Time’’s fourth season short, ViacomCBS has decided to cancel the show altogether. The show was only able to film six of thirteen planned episodes. They did have a seventh animated episode. ViacomCBS previously owned the tv channel Pop. The pair have since split and ‘One Day at a Time’ was caught in the middle of it.

The comedy hasn’t given up quite yet, co-showrunner Gloria Calderón Kellett said, “I’m not sad just yet, y’all. We still have some hope for new homes. Hang tight, my loves. You know that if I go down, I will go down swinging for this show (& cast & crew) I love.” ‘One Day at a Time’ had their first three seasons premiere on Netflix. Their fourth was on ViacomCBS and now Sony Productions is showing an interest in the show for a fifth season.

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