The Canceled Rose Parade to be Replaced with Televised Special

The Tournament of Roses Association has gotten creative and replaced the canceled parades with a televised special. Despite COVID-19 cancelling the parade, viewers will still get a 2 hour experience to make up for it. This televised special will still include all of the iconic parade elements including marching bands, celebrities, heartwarming segments, floats, and previews from previous Rose Bowls.

The Rose Bowl parade was first canceled in July. The only other time the parade has been cancelled was during 1942, 1943, and 1945 during wartime. The parade typically draws thousands of spectators with some camping out to get a good spot. With fans lining the 5-mile course of the parade. But despite not having a live parade, the television special is bringing fans as close to a Rose Bowl celebration as they can get.

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