Fox Decides to Cancel Two Dramas Including ‘Filthy Rich’ and ‘Next’

‘Filthy Rich’ and ‘Next’ are being canceled at Fox following their fall run. Both dramas pushed back their summer start to the fall to help fill the gaps in the fall lineup. This pushback resulted in fans not following the series, with average ratings. Both are getting the boot after their first single seasons. 2020/21 have captured their first two tv casualties in ‘Filthy Rich’ and ‘Next’.

‘Filthy Rich’ was centered around a southern family who owns a christian television network. When the husband dies in a car crash, it’s discovered that he had three other children outside of his family. The rest of the family is left to deal with his death and the scandal. ‘Next’ focused on a Silicon Valley pioneer, Slattery, who creates artificial intelligence. When his creation goes rogue, Slattery is called in to save the world from it.

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