‘Mean Girls’ Cast Reunites on Instagram to Promote Voting

The cast of ‘Mean Girls’ took to Instagram on Saturday to reminisce and encourage people to vote. The virtual reunion comes 16 years after the film’s initial release in 2004. Cast members recounted their experiences on the film. Lacey Chabert, who played Gretchen, said this about her character, “I just thought she was so intensely insecure and so desperate to have anyone’s approval. That’s what made her vulnerable. That was the part that made her likable and kept her from just being mean.”

The film has since been turned into a musical in 2017 which is now being adapted into a film. Tina Fey, the writer of the original movie teased the new movie and how fans can get involved. Despite the movie being released 16 years ago, there is still a cult-like following to it. Fey revealed that fans can help casting, by picking their dream cast on the film’s website. Fans can also have their names in the classic gossip diary known as the “burn book”. Chabert ended the reunion with this statement, “Vote on November 3rd. That would be so fetch.” Watch the reunion here.

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