At an all boys boarding school, outcast student Sunny Carmine, falls for prominent student Eli Feldman after a small notion of kindness. Finding happiness at the possibility of companionship and “true love”, Sunny will do anything he can to make sure he’s never alone again.

Description of Season 1

After three years of loneliness and exclusion at the all boys boarding school, West River Academy, Sunny Carmine, a shy junior with his heart on his sleeve falls for Eli Feldman, the charming and oblivious school heartthrob who saved him from some bullies. At this act of kindness, Sunny becomes infatuated and obsessed with Eli and decides to do everything in his power to be with him no matter the cost. Eli befriends Sunny out of pity and unbeknownst to him Sunny starts to clash with Eli’s current and long term boyfriend, Rowan Rockwell, a standoffish and guarded baseball player. Sunny, seeing Rowan as the only thing standing between Eli and his love, does anything he can to get Rowan out of the picture. This eventually escalates to a plot by Sunny to get Rowan alone, break his own leg with a baseball bat, and blame Rowan for it.

Synopsis of Pilot Episode

Sunny Carmine is a fragile and sensitive student at an all boys boarding school. After years of being bullied and ignored by his peers, when popular student Eli Feldman, tells off a gang of bullies composed of Eli’s boyfriend Rowan Rockwell, Lev Carpenter, and Colton Hartford, Sunny falls in an obsessive love over an oblivious Eli. To get closer to Eli, Sunny changes his classes to match his schedule. Eli, oblivious to Sunny’s utter infatuation, befriends him out of pity. Rowan, suspicious of Sunny’s pursuit and obvious interest in his boyfriend, confronts him alone about it and attempts to remind him of his “standing” at the school. While Rowan hopes this deters Sunny, Sunny instead grows more fixated on Eli and decides Rowan is the one in the way.

Dream Cast

Sunny Carmine – Alex Lawther

Sunny thinks not with his brain but with his heart. From years of isolation when he met Eli he let his emotions overtake him, almost every choice from that point was rash and based purely on emotion

Eli Feldman – Chance Perdomo

Eli Feldman is the heartthrob of the school. Eli has very strong morals and will stand up for what he believes is right no matter who disagrees.

Rowan Rockwell – Ross Butler

Rowan to an outsider is stand offish, seemingly cold, calculated. To those close to him, though quiet, he is very protective, witty, and a bit of a smart ass.

Lev Carpenter – Luca Chikovani

Lev is loud and high energy, he can be best defined as rowdy and does not have a filter but he is loyal to a fault and will always back up his friends no matter the situation.

Colton Hartford – Jay Lee

Colton Hartford is another one of Rowan’s close friends but seemingly the opposite of Lev. He will say and do whatever is needed to keep himself afloat no matter who is affected by it.

Dream Network


Dream Crew

Staff Writers of 13 Reasons Why
Directors of The End Of The Fucking World
Cinematographers from Super Dark Times

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