Finding Eutopia

‘Pitch Deck’ is a collection of students’ written pitches turned into the show of their dreams by the TVW team. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this program has been placed on hold until schools can successfully reopen, but the entire team has had an incredible time creating shows and we hope to continue this project in the future. Enjoy our last pitch for the moment with Alena Nguyen’s ‘Finding Eutopia’.

After being recruited to a school for students with magical powers, not-so-magical Katie Tran has to “find utopia” for one of her classes. She bands up with a group of magical peers to find this “utopia”, and they all must learn the true meaning(s) of perfection- both on the inside and out.

Description of Season 1

For 17 years, Katie Tran has always believed she was nothing special- 3rd of four girls and unlike her sisters, she doesn’t have any powers. She always thought nothing was ever going to happen to her until she was recruited to study at the School of Powers and Potions, where students strengthen all sorts of powers- from witchcraft, shapeshifting, and everything in between. After being assigned the task to “find utopia” in one of her mythology classes, she bands up with two of her newly made “friends”, one of her friends’ boyfriend, and some weird kid to search for this utopia. After some unfortunate incidents, the new trio of Katie, Kai, and Ethan must learn teamwork, trust, and the true definition(s) of utopia. As for Katie- she must learn that having a visible power isn’t the only thing that makes one special.

Synopsis of Pilot Episode

After surpassing the age to “find your superpower”, Katie Tran has believed her life would never amount to anything special. After receiving her surprising in-person acceptance letter to her siblings’ school, she thinks nothing will change- she’ll become another nobody at just another school. She accidentally runs into London and Summer, two fairies that look like twins but certainly aren’t- London’s as fake as they come, while Summer is (despite her wings) very down to earth. After being assigned to “find utopia” for Mythology class, Katie groups up with Summer, London, London’s boyfriend Ethan, and a shy kid named Kai. The next day, during their adventure, London makes one wrong move and in an attempt to save her, Summer and London die a fiery death, so it’s just Katie and two boys she barely knows. Throughout their search, every person’s vision of utopia is questioned- a lot of things can happen on a quest for perfection.


Dream Cast

Katie Tran – Leah Lewis

The embodiment of a wallflower, Katie has been comfortable living in the shadows of her sisters and their magical powers. On the outside, it seems like Katie is shy and unassuming. Once you get to know her, however, Katie is feisty, decisive, and extremely resourceful. 

Kai – Ethan Hwang

As the younger brother of a school wide star wizard, Kai struggles to individualize himself and create his own story at this school. With wind-bearing powers, Kai can easily fly around town if he wanted, but his clumsiness and bumping into buildings and trees often stops him from doing so. While he is dorky and childish, he can be serious and helpful when the time calls for it.

Ethan – Hayden Szeto

One half of the school’s “it” couple, Ethan is easygoing and goes with the flow- that is, whatever London’s flow is. With his magnetic abilities, Ethan can make anything (and anyone) gravitate towards him but every time he uses his power, he becomes weaker. Like Kai, Ethan secretly struggles to define himself apart from his relationship, so hopefully this journey will be just the thing that defines his story.

London – Annie Murphy

The other half of the school’s “it” couple, London is just a ball of sunshine- figuratively and quite literally. Her light-bending powers and positive attitude have literally made her the star of the school. 

Summer – Maddie Ziegler

As London’s childhood best friend, Summer and London define “polar opposites attract”. While London can seem cheery and bright, Summer is more laid back and serious about things. She is headstrong and loyal and will stick by London’s side no matter what- even if that leads to their downfall. 

Dream Network

Cartoon Network

Dream Crew

Staff Writers of Avatar: The Last Airbender,
Animators of Gravity Falls and Ever After High

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