Journalists of Russia’s Last Independent New Network

As tensions continue to rise in Russia, TV Rain remains to be their last, running independent news network. From this network, journalists have fled their own country for their own safety being put at risk, as a result of reporting on the Russian & Ukraine conflict. A number of employees from TV Rain spoke to CNN about their concerns and the current working conditions they have been forced into. Anchor, Ekaterina Kotrikadze addressed the hard censorship they’ve been facing and limitations that come along with it. When speaking about the working environment, she explained “they (Russian Gov.) are trying to make us, you know, deliver the same message as they do, but you know it’s impossible to work like this.” In a later interview, TV Rain’s Editor-in-Chief, Tikhon Dzyadko described the harsh restrictions on media reporting and data gathering. Dzyadko and many others were asked by the Russian Government to only receive and report on information from the Russian Defense Ministry.

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