Ted Cruz vs. Big Bird, Jonathan Majors, Taylor Swift, and more

The last episode of Saturday Night Live was as lively as ever, with so many notable bits it feels impossible to choose only one highlight of the night, so let’s talk about them all!

Aidy Bryant, equipped with a suit and tie, prosthetic beard, and combover starred in the cold open titled “Ted Cruz Street” to poke fun at the Texas senator’s recent Twitter comments against vaccination directed at the classic Sesame Street character Big Bird. In this sketch, Ted Cruz, under the impression that Sesame Street teaches harmful things to children such as “kindness and numbers”, creates his own children’s TV program to push his own agenda to enrich the youth. The cold open is jam-packed with political and pop culture references, with a sponsorship for the program from QAnon, a message from trusted health official Joe Rogan (Pete Davison), and “Oscar the Slouch” who is too lazy to work and lives off of stimulus checks.

To kick off the night, the night’s host Jonathan Majors gave his monologue, putting his charisma, charm, and heart on display. He talks about his experience with comedy, his more recent works (such as Netflix’s The Harder They Fall), and being homeless momentarily at the age of 17, working at Olive Gardens and Red Lobsters.

“It’s crazy how many people got their start at Red Lobster. Both Nicki Minaj and Chris Rock worked there. Now, I don’t know what they’re putting in those cheddar-baked biscuits, but it’s working!”

This week’s musical guest Taylor Swift did a stellar job in her performance as well, performing the 10-minute version of”All Too Well”, a song that she also released a short film starring Stranger Thing’s Sadie Sink and Dylan O’Brien. As well, Swift appeared in that night’s Please Don’t Destroy sketch, where she roasts the main cast in an original piece “Three Sad Virgins”.

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