Simon Cowell Teams With ITV To Create New Music Forward Game Show

The iconic producer and America’s Got Talent judge is putting his energy towards new projects. His new musical game show is called ‘Walk The Line’ and is getting broadcasted on the popular UK streamer, ITV. The show will consist of a multitude of music performances with only the best two left standing by the end of the night. Those two winning musical acts from there can either choose to go home victorious with money in hand OR ‘walk the line’ and keep playing. The benefit to continuing to play is that the cash prize only grows with time but then again can their musical act stack up against a new round of competition the following week?

In a statement, Cowell said “I am thrilled to be working with Lifted Entertainment and ITV on this new project. We wanted to develop a show which will give the contestants a life-changing cash prize if they win. Each show there will be a champion who must make a vital decision: either cash out then and there or stay in the contest to compete again the following night and have a chance to claim the huge prize. It’s the kind of decision that will have viewers on the edge of their seats – real event TV. I’m very excited at giving musical talent the opportunity to transform their lives like never before.”

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