“Raising Dion” is Thoroughly Entertaining

“Raising Dion” is a PG-rated sci-fi drama based on a comic book by the same name about Nicole Reese, a single mom raising her 8-year-old son Dion alone after Dion’s father passes away. As Dion begins to realize he has superhuman abilities, Nicole deals with trying to keep him safe as he tries to learn more about his powers. With the help of their family friend Pat, Nicole tries to keep Dion’s powers a secret as well as protect him from scientists and his own abilities. With messages of family and perseverance, “Raising Dion” is a captivating, fun show that’s good to watch with family or friends.

Nicole was my favorite character in the show. Her dedication and perseverance was very inspiring, and I liked how she remained mostly optimistic throughout the series. Although she had a mostly positive outlook, there were times when she was understandably overwhelmed when concerned about the safety of Dion. During these times viewers are able to empathize with her more and understand everything that she’s going through, as well as see how determined she is to keep Dion safe. Dion is curious, kind, and cheerful. He loves learning about science and outer space, as well as learning about his powers. He has many superpowers, such as teleportation and telekinesis, all of which he reacts to in a very excited and eager way, which felt realistic for an eight-year-old. I thought the writing for Dion felt very authentic, and the actor that plays him, nine-year-old Ja’Siah Young, did a great job acting for how young he is. Another main character in the series, Pat, is intelligent and goofy. Pat used to be best friends with Dion’s father, Mark, and after Mark passes away Pat tries to help Nicole with raising Dion. Pat is always there for the two of them, although he can overstep with his role in Dion’s life at times.

There were a lot of things that I enjoyed about this show. I liked how there were elements of the series, such as the themes and likeable protagonists, that were enjoyable for both children and adults, making it a good show to watch with family or friends. I also liked how viewers see different elements of the main character’s lives, such as Dion making friends or Nicole’s passion for dance, rather than just focusing on Dion’s superpowers. 

Although I thought this was a good show, there were some aspects of it that I didn’t enjoy. The plot was often slow, and the episodes sometimes felt a little long. Although I mostly enjoyed the acting, it could sometimes seem a little cheesy, although that may have been partly due to the dialogue.

All in all, I really like “Raising Dion”. I thought it had likeable characters, good themes, and a fun plot. There are some slightly scary scenes, so it might not be best for very young audiences, but I think it’s a good family show to watch with slightly older kids, and I’m very excited for the next season. You can watch the one-season show on Netflix.

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