TV Network Participant Creates Mini-Series On The Death Of Vincent Chin

Weeks before the 40 year anniversary of the murder of Vincent Chin, Participant announces that they will be developing a mini-series on Chin’s death. The mini-series will cover the death of Vincent Chin who was a Chinese American that was beaten and murdered by two white males working in the Detroit auto industry. The two men believed Chin and Asian Americans were to blame for an economic decline. Chin’s death fueled a movement for Asian American civil rights and started a national conversation around civil rights.

There are multiple adaption of the events being created currently, Amazon Studios is also doing a limited series take on Chin’s death. A podcast titled “Hold Still, Vincent” was just cancelled due to concerns from Chin’s family. Helen Zia, the executor of the Chin Estate said this about Vincent’s death and the new mini-series, “Vincent Chin’s brutal slaying, at a time of intense anti-Asian hate across the country, galvanized Asian Americans to rally together, unite with many diverse communities, and create a new movement for racial justice that impacted all Americans,” she said. “With today’s current tsunami of anti-Asian hate sweeping the globe, the full story of Vincent Chin and the powerful community response must be told, and I’m thrilled that Participant will be leading this effort.”

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