Sneak Peek Into Manhattan Teen Elites Is Here With A Teaser Trailer

9 years after the last episode of ‘Gossip Girl’ a teaser trailer for the new series is here and definitely not one you want to miss. The revival, many have been waiting for, has given its audience a first real taste into what to expect from the new series. With a totally new look and style that has evolved from the beloved times of scarfs, tights, and patterned headbands.

The showrunner on the revival is Joshua Safran who worked on both the original and now the revival. Safran is bringing his own twist on the revival knowing the foundation and roots of the original. Despite the lack of storylines and major plot points, the teaser gives a taste of what’s to come and getting people excited. At the end of the teaser, it revealed that the revival will premier on July 8th on HBO Max. One familiar thing that anybody, whether your a die-hard fan or casual watcher, will notice is the continuation of Kristen Bell doing her iconic voice-over. Keep your eyes peeled for more teasers and trailers as we inch closer to the start date.

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