Simu Liu On The Cancellation of ‘Kim’s Convenience’ And Life After

With the cancellation of the widely popular ‘Kim’s Convenience’, it has many fans including the actors wondering what went wrong and what to do next. ‘Kim’s Convenience’ followed the story of an Asian Canadian family who ran their own convenience store. This comedy made its way to Netflix and found immense success. The series even had the funding for the following season but producers and showrunners decided to move onto other projects. Simu Liu, an actor on the series, was somewhat baffled by the decision to ditch a show as successful as it was. When asked about it he said, “Without airing too much dirty laundry, I do want to say that as far as I can recall in this industry, it is virtually unheard of for a show to be canceled that is doing this well, has been greenlit for a new season and has a network willing to pay for it” he said, calling the decision “a betrayal”.

But now Liu is looking to his next projects, most notably his upcoming role in the first Asian-led Marvel movie ‘Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings’. When Liu talked about the upcoming movie he talked about how “It really is a celebration of Marvel and of superheroes but also of Asian myths. That’s something that we haven’t seen before in a superhero movie” he said. Liu is also a California resident and working on a partnership with California Milk Processor Board to work towards raising $1 million dollars for the No Kid Hungry initiative. Whenever the hashtag #StayStrongTogether is reposted they will give $1 towards the target goal. Look for ‘Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings’ out September 3rd.

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