Following Princess Diana Interview Deceit Discovery, The BBC Is Facing Pressure To Reform

The infamous interview between Princess Diana and Martin Bashir in 1995 has been controversial for the last 26 years and new investigations into the interview are getting to the bottom of Bashir’s behavior. After the initial interview the BBC(British Broadcasting Corporation), who Bashir was doing the interview for at the time, did their own investigation. This initial BBC investigation cleared Bashir of any wrongdoing, that investigation was recently discovered as botched. An independent investigation and report were just released saying that Bashir did in fact use ‘deceitful methods’ to get the information and controversial statements he did from Princess Diana.

This new announcement has sparked a ripple effect of anger and statements from both the press and the royal family. Most notably Prince William and the future king of Great Britain have directly condemned both the interview and Bashir saying that the effects of the interview “contributed significantly” to the emotional turmoil and struggle Diana felt in her final years. Other news outlets have spoken out against not only Bashir but the BBC itself and how not only was this allowed but Bashir got away with it. While no action has clearly been taken yet, the BBC is facing an insurmountable amount of pressure from the press, the public, and Buckingham Palace.

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