Netflix’s 2023 Season: ‘Boons and Curses’, ‘Monkey King’, and More!

With their announcement of two programs by Asian American creators, Netflix is looking to the future of television— and it’s a bright one.

Stephen Chow’s well-awaited animated feature ‘The Monkey King’ stars SNL scene-stealer Bowen Yang, Jimmy O. Yang, and Stephanie Hsu, among others. The story is inspired by the ancient Chinese story, “Journey to the West,” in which a monkey adventurer faces gods, monsters, and of course, his own self.

Comedy-action series ‘Boons and Curses’ will also make its mark on Netflix in 2023. Executive produced by Jaydeep Hasrajani, the show will centers on an enchanted, South Asia-inspired world in which war looms. “Using the beauty of South Asian mythology, folktales, and culture,” Hasrajani says, “our talented and passionate crew is so eager to share an exciting and hilarious adventure that can resonate with anyone the world over.”

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