‘iCarly’ Is BACK And Here Is Everything You Need To Know

‘iCarly’ was an established household classic and is now backing its comeback. iCouldn’t be more excited for this return and see all of the iconic characters come back to life. What we know so far is that the reunion will premiere on June 17th on Paramount+. The cast made a cute video announcing the news which you can watch here. We also know that unfortunately Sam Puckett played by Jeanette McCurdy will not be returning as McCurdy has recently stepped away from acting.

Some things that are unclear still is whether Gibby Gibson played by Noah Munck will make an appearance in the series. But there are two new big additions to the cast including Bushwell Plaza, Carly’s new roommate, Laci Mosley, Carly’s bff Harper, and Jaidyn Triplett, Freddie’s tech wizard stepsister.

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