Where Is The ‘Tiger King’ Cast Now?

As we all watched in horror at the endless caged tigers and even crazier personalities we all had to wonder what happened once the camera turned off. With over 65 million viewers on Netflix, this instantly became something we couldn’t stop talking about. Now we are starting to see the fallout of all the shocking events that were detailed in the show. First of all, it’s sequel galore including, ‘The Cult Of Joe Exotic’, ‘America’s Most Dangerous Pets’, ‘Investigating the Strange World of Joe Exotic’. Saving the best for last, there will also be a season 2! Detailing all the fallouts from season1.

Joe Exotic is still currently serving his 22-year prison sentence for  17 violations of animal abuse, wildlife trafficking (he shot and killed five older tigers to make space for younger newer animals), and he was convicted for two counts of murder-for-hire. Exotic is still talking about being pardoned with no luck yet. Carole Baskins is declining to be in season 2 after she felt that her betrayal in the first season was less than favorable. Kevin Bhagavan was a private breeder on the show who worked with Joe Exotic and following the series has 119 animals seized and charged with two wildlife trafficking felony counts and 13 more misdemeanors.

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