The Ultimate Power Couple Of The NBA Set To Host New Gameshow

Anyone else viewing the Curry’s as their unofficial NBA parents? No, just me? Anyways, the Curry’s are set to host and executive produce a revival of ‘Tattletales’. The gameshow will bring together our favorite celebrity couples and test their bond and relationship through games and challenges. There will be exclusive date nights, head-to-head competitions, and uncensored tell-all relationship trivia. They will also be taking questions from fans and viewers throughout. 

While many know about Stephen Curry, the amazing basketball player, the real Curry we should be talking about is Ayesha Curry. Ayesha is the queen of cooking and posts her mouth-watering recipes on instagram frequently. She has also released a cook book revealing all her cooking secrets. The Curry’s commented on their big news with Stephen saying, ‘We are so excited to be a part of bringing this awesome game show back to life’. Ayesha adding, “Our families are huge fans of the original so to be able to host and produce this show together is such a joy. We’re both so busy with life that each episode will be an opportunity to hang out with some iconic power couples, have fun and let loose a bit. We can’t wait!”

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