Another Stephan King Novel Is Being Brought To Life By The Duffer Bros And Spielberg

Steven Spielberg, a big Stephan King fan, has had this project in the works for 35+ years. He, along with the Duffer Bros, will finally bring the ‘Talisman’ to life. Spielberg loved the horror novel since before it was published and had the movie rights to it prior to its debut in 1984. While it was always envisioned as a movie, it will be following the recent trend of adapting to a series. This news comes as King’s other works, ‘The Running Man’ and ‘Pet Sematary’ are also getting made into film/tv adaptions. 

Spielberg has enlisted the help of some people who know all about fantasy horror, the Duffer Bros. Matt and Ross Duffer are not new to the genre, they were the brains behind one of Netflix’s most popular series ‘Stranger Things’. The two brothers will act as executive producers for the series. Curtis Gwinn, who was a write-exec producer on ‘Stranger Things’ will be the writer and showrunner for this project. While neither Speilberg, the Duffer Bros, or Netflix had any comments, it’s highly likely that the series is being produced by and will be aired on Netflix.

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