An Animated Version Of ‘Game Of Thrones’ A Possibility For HBO Max

HBO Max and Warner Bros are working together to try to further expand the ‘Game of Thrones’ franchise. Meetings with writers are already occurring for the potential of creating a series. Despite this, no deals have been made yet. This is a part of a greater effort to grow a franchise around ‘Game of Thrones’. HBO is already starting to work on a prequel called ‘House of Dragons’.

HBO is also working on other projects such as premium cable network and streaming sibling HBO Max, including a live-action take of ‘Tales of Dunk and Egg’ for ‘Dunk and Egg’ is in the works but still doesn’t have a deal cut. “In the face of massively expanding verticals, people have to make choices about what services they want based on what they can provide them,” says a veteran lit agent. Also noting that  the streamer,” is going to look in their library and they’re going to exploit everything they can.”

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