Pepsi Is Cutting Down On Their Overall Super Bowl Ad Time To Focus On The Halftime Performance

Pepsi announced that while they won’t be sitting out of the Super Bowl, they will be cutting down on their ad time. Pepsi in previous years spent around $31 million dollars for roughly 3minutes of ad time during the Super Bowl. This year the company has decided that they will cut that down and put more focus and emphasis on the halftime show. The Weeknd is the halftime performance this year and is working with Pepsi to launch a new campaign to draw more attention to the halftime show. This collaboration is the first time the halftime performer will actually be in a Pepsi ad campaign prior to the Super Bowl. Pepsi’s vice president talked about this decision saying, “Pepsi believes Super Bowl viewers will appreciate the concert more than they might in less frenetic times” and that “We think that’s the role that sports and music play for us, providing that sense of normalcy.”

Not only is Pepsi deciding to cut down and consolidate ad time but other companies are considering that same decision. COVID has played a major factor in big companies being able to shell out large sums of money for only a few minutes of ad time. Nonetheless, the companies that are continuing to buy ad time are trying to get creative with their content. Many of them “are talking and fighting for 30 seconds” says Kaplan, but not just for 40 seconds but fighting for time during the halftime performance. The halftime performance is what really commands the most attention. Companies including Pepsi are saying that they “want to focus our efforts on making that a critical moment for the brand” says Kaplan.

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