Netflix Gives ‘Locke & Key’ A Third Season Renewal

Netflix announced that they are giving ‘Locke & Key’ a third season before season two has premiered on the streamer. This comes after the first season was released on the streamer in February 2020 and got a second season announcement a month later in March. The comic-book drama series follows the Locke siblings, who after their grandfather’s murder, move into a house with reality-beinding and distorted keys.

Not only is the series getting a deal for a third season but the series co-showrunner, Meredith Averill is too. Averill has been signed to an overall deal with Netflix for tv, film, and further projects. The other co-showrunner, Carlton Cuse has his own deal with Disney’s ABC signature. The VP for overall deals at Netflix, Brian Wright said this, “I’m delighted to expand our creative partnership with Meredith Averill, a talented creator with a keen eye for best-in-class horror and supernatural storytelling.”

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