“Teenage Bounty Hunters”- The Soundtrack

If there’s one thing you should leave with after watching Teenage Bounty Hunters, it’s the fact that duality is so important and valuable. Through christians and atheists, country clubs and strip clubs, warm bodies and being somebody, this show and its music takes you through the ups and downs of different aspects of seemingly simple and posh southern life. Yes, it can get real cheesy in some moments, but I think that it’s really just the spirit of the show as a whole, because that’s honestly what you get in high school. An awkward, hormonal, teenage mess of never really learning at school, since anything and everything you actually learn is from your own experience. This show is filled with so many lovable characters and blissfully sweet scenes, entrancing all of it’s watchers to continue on this obscure adventure of sexuality, identity, and hunting down fugitives.

When it comes to music, Teenage Bounty Hunters did a stunning job at compiling a mix of different genres and textures. With icons like Outkast and Missy Elliot premiering in some episodes, there’s already no way that this soundtrack could’ve been bad, but it did get better. From Kacey Musgraves all the way to Radiohead, there wasn’t an audibly dull moment in this show. Playing off the emotions and development of the characters and scenes, this show gives us a taste of sacchrine country tunes to surprisingly striking heavy rock bangers. It adds a lot to the overall viewing experience and it definitely does not leave you with any room to be bored.

Here are a few favorites:

Strawberry Wine- Deana Carter

We meet Sterling for the first time while she is hooking up with her long-term boyfriend in his car.

Too Bad- The Dead Weathers

The twins get a job at Bowser’s yogurt shop while simultaneously working with him as bounty hunters.

Rainbow- Kacey Musgraves

Sterling comes clean about her sexual relations with Luke, stepping down from her position as Fellowship leader.

SpottieOttieDopaliscious- OutKast

Blair sees Miles for the first time outside of his work for their first date.

Wild Child- Shopping

After she goes to a college party, Sterling’s mom says she isn’t sleeping in the house. Instead, she will be spending the night in a tent in their backyard.

Just Wanna Be Your Lover- Aldous Finch

Blair and Miles have a talk about their relationship on a drive back to his house.

Somebody Loves You- Betty Who

After a dinner with Bowser and Yolanda, the girls come to the conclusion that they have been chose to bring back Bowser to his old self.

Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree- Dawn

Episode 5 begins with the death of Mr. Koontz, a substitute teacher at Sterling and Blair’s school.

The Girl- Imperial Teen

We watch Bowser, Blair, and Sterling all grow out of their shells in their own ways.

Work It- Missy Elliot

Sterling broadens her sexual horizons with different guys (well, mostly) at her debate competition.

Mother- Danzig

Blair trails her mother and finds her involved to be in suspicious activities.

Hit It Hard- Peaches

April and Sterling kiss for the first time.

Good Time Being a Woman- Emily Reid

Sterling walks into the arcade with April for an unofficial first date.

Walk Away- Buzzy Lee

April quite literally walks away from a hard conversation about her and Sterlings newfound relationship.

I See My Mother- POLIÇA

Adding onto the suspenseful turn of events, Blair, Sterling, and Bowser all unveil some shocking facts about Mrs. Wesley.

Slow Burn- Kacey Musgraves

April begins to feel insecure about her and Sterling’s relationship and decides that she isn’t really to come out to everyone just yet. Which, by the way, is so valid and you are too!

Run Like the River- Vintage Trouble

Blair and Bowser work together to get Sterling back from Dana.

Idioteque- Radiohead

Radiohead’s iconic and eclectic sound makes an appearance to perfectly mirror the thoughts running through everyone’s head in this season finale.

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