Cast of ‘Glow’ Reunites to Talk About Voting and Series Cancellation

The cast of Netflix’s ‘Glow’ virtually reunited on Saturday to discuss voting, impact of the show, and the series cancellation. The cast opened the livestream by talking about voting. Betty Gilpin who stars in the series had this to say, “Our show is, among many other things, about people who sometimes feel powerless do powerful things. And right now I think the most powerful thing you can do is vote,”. Alison Brie who also stars in the show said, “If you loved anything about this show and the way the women took control of their own destiny, you can do that too by voting.”

This livestream had been planned weeks before it aired. In between that time Netflix decided to cancel the series fourth season due to COVID-19. With the third season ending on such a massive cliffhanger and the first two episodes of the fourth season already made, both fans and cast members are disappointed. Cast members wanting fans to make their voice heard to Netflix, by writing letters or using the #SaveGLOW hashtag. You can watch the reunion in full here.

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