Amazon Set to Create Spinoff of ‘The Boys’

After the massive success of ‘The Boys’ on Amazon, they are reportedly working on a spinoff of the show. While the show has evidently been in the works for a while, the popularization of the second season speed up the process. The spinoff like the parent show will be rated TV-MA. The spinoff is being described as partially college show, dealing with the competitive/hormonal lives of Supes (young adult superhero). While the other part being ‘Hunger Game’-esque, putting their physical abilities to the test.

The first season was popular, but the second season blew up. Despite independent viewer figures not being available, Nielsen’s SVOD Content Ratings predicted the first season got an average of 4.1 million viewers per episode. Currently, the second season is releasing episodes every week until the finale on October 9th.

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