“Love in the Time of Corona” is Truly a Modern Love Story

Even if you lived under a rock, you would be familiar of the current health crisis going on in the world. Because of new social norms like social distancing and wearing masks, the media and entertainment we watch has also evolved. “Love in the Time of Corona” is a 4 episode show that revolves around four separate love stories, from an old couple to a newly married couple to friends living together. It delves into the moments of boredom, sorrow, and joy that can come from being quarantined.

Something that immediately stood out to me was the relatability it has- within the first five minutes, the daily concern of “do I have my mask” and remembering to stay social distanced from others was shown. From following social media trends and doing internet challenges to FaceTiming friends daily, everything topical was addressed. Even though these four stories are not intertwined, there’s something relatable for all of us within each lifestyle.

There’s an aspect of creativity that comes with every show that makes it unique and fun to watch, but in “Love in the Time of Corona”, where the characters are restricted to the several walls of their home, director Joanna Johnson had to be creative in utilizing the limited amount of props to tell a story. However, she is extremely creative and resourceful, and the on-screen chemistry between the characters makes the show all the more real. The fact that Johnson developed this whole series in the past few months is wildly impressive; it really shows that true art can come out of boredom.

The fact that there’s not one, but multiple stories we get to experience contributes to how there’s no one perspective to looking at something as large as a pandemic. Johnson excellently portrays just a few of the feelings all of us are going through, from loneliness, pining, progress, and more. (I even teared up a bit when Nanda was watching her husband suffer through dementia.) The struggle of watching your family and friends live (or slowly die) behind a screen and not being able to be there with them is a pain that transcends through the viewer’s screen and tugs a bit on all of our heartstrings.

Stream the first two episodes of “Love in the Time of Corona” on Hulu now or watch on Freeform.

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