Starz New Comedy Horror ‘Shining Vale’ Stars Courtney Cox, Gus Birney, and Dylan Gage

This new horror comedy follows the story of a family moving from the inner city of Brooklyn, to suburban Connecticut. This dysfunctional family on top of having to deal with each other, has moved into a house that previously had horrendous crimes committed in it. While they get to Connecticut pulled apart and distant, it’s the shared horror experiences that start to pull them back together.

Courtney Cox will play Pat, convinced she’s depressed/possessed. Gus Birney will play Jake, who deals with ADHD and OCD and is constantly staring at a screen. Gaynor, the family’s 16-year-old daughter, angsty and mad at the world will be portrayed by Dylan Gage. The show is produced by Warner Bros. Television and  Lionsgate Television.

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