Netflix’s “Teenage Bounty Hunters” is Quirky and Satirical

cover art by @hananabread on Instagram

by Alena Nguyen

Sterling and Blair aren’t your every day fraternal twins with telepathic powers. While balancing the epic highs and lows of high school life, they are also -you guessed it- teenage bounty hunters! Netflix‘s 10-episode original series features two twins and their fro-yo shop boss as the trio takes on criminals well managing their own personal lives.

Right from the very beginning, you can appreciate the satirical irony that runs throughout the show- the two protagonists are having sex right outside of their religion-focused high school. Even in the cars, one of the girls (Sterling) talks about sin and forgiveness while her sister in the other car (Blair) is asking “how did I do?” and “what was your favorite part”. From first glance, it may seem like these two teens have nothing in common. But what truly bonds them is their telepathic ability that is revealed when they accidentally catch a criminal and meet their future mentor Bowser. After needing some extra money to get their dad’s truck fixed, the twins begin working at Bowser’s fro-yo shop as well as doubling as bounty hunters.

One of my favorite elements was the quick banter between the siblings. Something the creator of the show, Kathleen Jordan, does so well is portray a natural sibling relationship in such a unique setting- who knew that you and your twin sister would become bounty hunters during high school? If only you could put that on your college applications. Despite their shallow differences, Sterling and Blair have such an admirable sibling love for each other and know they can count on each other for anything.

Despite the excellent writing in the siblings’ banter, I couldn’t help but laugh during the scenes at the siblings’ school. The way the teachers and students who were extremely devoted to religion humorously juxtaposed the casual nature of the protagonists that was really funny to see. I loved their low-key dislike for the school and as much as they try to blend in to the walls, certain events and uniform choices force them into the spotlight.

You can stream all 10 episodes of “Teenage Bounty Hunters” now on Netflix.

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