“High Fidelity” – Soundtrack

With excellent performances, killer style, a Jack Antonoff appearance, plenty of heartbreak, and of course, a stellar soundtrack, High Fidelity has something to offer the music snob, the hopeless romantic, and everyone in between. The reimagined version manages to feel completely modern while still paying homage to the original movie, pulling from dialogue and song selections and even some of Rob’s outfits. Zoe Kravitz breathes so much life into Rob’s character and perfectly embodies the NYC cool girl we all want to be. I enjoyed every minute of High Fidelity and will 100% be watching any seasons that follow and revisiting this soundtrack regularly. Here are my favorites.

Dreams – Fleetwood Mac

This song marks the beginning of Clyde and Rob’s tumultuous relationship, as it plays in the bar and launches into a deep conversation about Fleetwood Mac’s history and musical stylings.  

Come On Eileen – Dexys Midnight Runners

Cherise’s pick to start the morning in Championship Records.

Lovin’ You – Minnie Riperton

Rob describes the intricacies and attention to detail that go into making a personalized playlist for someone. 

Modern Love – David Bowie

A personal favorite of mine, and the assumed first track of Rob’s playlist. In her words, the first track is key – “it has to make the person feel good”.

Prototype – Outkast

Track 2, she says, has to have an element of surprise, and make the person want to keep listening.

So Blue – Prince

The 3rd track, earning praise from Simon.

Arrow Through Me – Wings

Track 4 on her playlist.

Is It Any Wonder? – Durand Jones & The Indications

Rob recalls her coincidental run-in with Mac.

I’ll Make Love to You – Thomas Doherty (originally Boys II Men)

Rob, Simon, and Cherise go to a gig in the city where charming Irish singer Liam covers this 90s hit. They all admit to hating this song, but being unable to after his performance of it.

Nothing Compares 2 U – Sinead O’Connor (originally written by Prince for his side project The Family)

Another personal favorite of mine. It plays as Rob leaves the bar and reminisces times when she could go home to Mac. 

Heart of Glass – Blondie

Rob’s brother Cameron brother tries to make amends with her in the record shop. 

Merry Go Round – The Equatics

Rob imagines Mac walking through the door of the bar. When she comes back to reality, it’s Liam instead.  

Yesterday’s Love – Aura

Rob begins hatching her plan to contact her Top 5 Heartbreaks in search of closure and perspective.

They Say I’m Different – Betty Davis

Rob reaches out to her ex, Kat Monroe.

It Ain’t Easy – David Bowie

Rob goes home after confronting Mac, who tells her he’s engaged.

Straighten Up – Yvonne Fair

Clyde accompanies Rob to a wealthy woman’s house to pick up an extensive record collection.

The Man Who Sold the World – David Bowie

Clyde reveals that he stole the rare Bowie record from Noreen to give to Rob. 

Lonely – Swamp Dogg

Rob turns this on in the store with the promise of selling 5 copies immediately after.  

Alternative Ulster – Stiff Little Fingers

Rob and Cherise track down shoplifters.

Have You Ever Been (To Electric Ladyland) – Jimi Hendrix

Rob stops by Electric Lady Studios to visit Liam.

Skyway – The Replacements

Simon closes the shop while Rob goes to Liam’s show. 

Dry the Rain – The Beta Band

This song plays in the record store when two kids ask Cherise about her musical project and Cameron reconnects with “The Hammer”.

Use My Body – Mavis John

Rob and Cameron and all of his friends dance it up at his “last hurrah” party. 

Never Too Much – Luther Vandross

Cameron introduces Clyde to the “Hammer Slam”.

Dance With The Night – John Moods

Rob smokes on the curb after the party’s over.  

Nikes – Frank Ocean

After a lonely and anticlimactic 30th birthday, Rob walks home alone.

You Got Me – The Roots

Rob and Mac catch up over pizza and drinks, while this song plays from a makeshift speaker.

I Believe (When I Fall In Love It Will Be Forever) – Stevie Wonder

We see Mac and Rob on a date in a flashback, the moment Rob hints at and tries to get Mac to remember during their breakup scene.  

I Get Lonely – Janet Jackson

Rob makes a desperate phone call.

Can You Get to That – Funkadelic

Rob buys Cherise her dream guitar to make up for being negligent over the last weeks.

Title design courtesy of Canva

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