The series will be starring Rick Glassman, Sue Ann Pien and Albert Rutecki, each of whom identify as living on the autistic spectrum.

The coming-of-age comedic drama, formerly known as ‘On the Spectrum’, has just been handed a series order by Amazon. The half-hour project will revolve around the three, 20-something roomates (played by Glassman, Pien and Rutecki), as they navigate the world while on the autism spectrum.

“Having a 23-year-old son on the spectrum, it is deeply personal for me to get to tell this unique story of what it’s like to come of age as someone with autism,” Katims said. “I’m grateful to Jen Salke, Vernon Sanders and the entire Amazon team, along with my friends at Universal Television, who share my passion for this project, and who are incredibly supportive creative partners.”

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