Given the unfortunate circumstances the COVID-19 pandemic has brought to the television industry, daytime and late night talk show hosts have found remote ways to entertain their audiences during this time of social distancing.

Popular daytime talk show hosts Ellen DeGeneres and Wendy Williams are both set to return on April 6th in the comfort of their homes. After having taken some time off to collect their thoughts and organize their plans, DeGeneres and Williams will be doing segments similar to before live production had ended. Before remote episodes begin, however, episodes from pre-quarantine will still have on-set guests such as John Legend and Jennifer Lopez on Ellen. 

For the late night talk show hosts that have already premiered several episodes, the process has been described as “difficult” yet “weirdly rewarding”, as described by Gavin Purcell, showrunner of ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’. The crews of several late night shows are working remotely across several cities to make the shows happen; most are filming on their phones without the familiarity of an audience, which at this point, is “deafening”, Seth Meyers says.

Although the process has been stressful, talk show crews are gradually becoming used to it. Due to the fact that talk shows are mainly on-site, it has been an entire learning experience not just for the crew, but the hosts themselves.

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