The announcement to greenlight several new Italian shows of varying genres was announced by Amazon Studios heads last Thursday at the Hotel de la Ville in Rome.

‘Vita da Carlo’ is included in the line-up. Italian actor and director Carlo Verdone will appear as a fictionalized version of himself alongside other celebrities in Italy. It is set to be a 10-episode series.

An unscripted reality show entitled ‘Dinner Club’ will feature revered chef, Carlo Cracco, as he travels around the world with other six Italian personalities. It has plans to show learning from international chefs as they prepare great meals for guests.

The only feature of Italian origin to be announced by Amazon Studios was ‘Ferro’, a documentary entailing the life of Italian musician, Tiziano Ferro.

Although previously announced before Amazon’s Rome appearance, ‘Celebrity Hunted’ will be produced by Endemol Shine Italy and eventually premiere on March 13th.

An original Italian drama will premiere on the streaming service. Titled, ‘Bang Bang Baby’, the series will center around a teenager in 1980s Milan who becomes the youngest member of the Mafia to win her father’s approval.

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