Season 4 of “On My Block” was Entertaining & Fun

Warning: This review will contain spoilers for all four seasons of “On My Block”.

In the final season of “On My Block”, the teens deal with grief, changes, and relationship drama, all while trying to rekindle their lost friendship. After the cliffhanger at the end of season three, I was excited to watch season four, and I wasn’t disappointed. This season contains a lot of character development, entertaining plotlines, and a few plot twists to keep viewers interested the entire season.

One thing I liked about this season was Oscar’s character development. Throughout the series as a whole the audience rarely saw the more genuine side of Oscar, so seeing him so consistently happy and kind this season was a welcome change. This character development made it so much more upsetting when Oscar was killed later in the season, especially after viewers finally had the relief of knowing he was about to get out of the gang life. I liked how there was more of Abuelita this season, which also made her death at the end of the season much more powerful. I also like how this season talked about mental health and self love, as well as how each character had growth throughout the season. 

Seeing each character’s growth was a great full-circle moment. Jamal, who presumably became more self-absorbed and rude in between seasons three and four, was able to regain his authentic personality. My only issue with this is that the audience didn’t get to see too much of the more rude side of his personality, which did tend to make his journey of self-discovery a little less impactful. Watching Monse and Jasmine also go on a journey of self-discovery and self-love was a nice plotline, especially after so many of their storylines in the first few seasons revolving around Cesar and Ruby. Ruby also had some growth this season, although not quite as much as I would have liked to see. Although he did have some character development when he and Jasmine worked on being less dependent on each other, I wanted to see a little more personal growth from him. He did have some growth in the episode where he visited Latrelle, but it felt a little rushed, and I would have liked to see more of it. 

Cesar was the only character that I didn’t see too much growth in throughout the series. His character honestly felt a little all over the place this season, and he didn’t have too many solid, defining personality traits that he stuck to. His personality seemed to change slightly from scene to scene depending on who he was with. This did make a little sense plot wise, as he obviously wouldn’t act the same around his gang as he would around his friends, but it also made his character feel inconsistent at times, and it could be difficult to tell when he was being genuine or not.

There were some things I didn’t enjoy about this season, such as the flashback of the big fight that led to the temporary end of their friendship. It seemed out of character for Jamal and Ruby to accuse Cesar of stealing the RollerWorld money, and it felt a little forced. It also seemed unrealistic that a fight like that would have made them stop talking to each other for so long, especially after how close they all were and how much they had been through together in the previous seasons. It also seemed unrealistic that Monse’s dad would have waited to tell Monse she couldn’t go back to her boarding school until after winter break started. I also didn’t enjoy how Cesar and Monse were so okay about Cesar cheating on Vero. It felt a little out of character, especially since, as Monse mentioned in a later episode, she knew exactly how it felt to be cheated on. I also thought some of the storylines, such as Jasmine and Jamal keeping their friendship a secret from Ruby, seemed unnecessary.

Overall though, I really enjoyed this season. I think it was a great way to wrap up the series, and it was definitely entertaining and hilarious. Watching the majority of the characters grow this season was very rewarding, and the ending scene was a great way to allow viewers to make their own conclusions about what will happen to the characters while also having the relief of knowing that they’re friends again. You can watch “On My Block”, which has four seasons, now on Netflix.

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