‘Squid Game’ is Now Eligible for an Emmy Nomination

Hwang Dong-hyuk’s new hit Netflix series “Squid Game” is on tr to the top of Netflix’s global-demand index faster than any show in the past, making it on track to be the company’s most successful TV show yet. This popularity has not gone unnoticed, according to a spokesperson from the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (ATAS), as the show has supposedly made itself eligible for an Emmy consideration.

This comment was made in response to some uncertainty regarding whether or not an internationally produced series under an American distributor would be eligible for the International Emmys, Primetime Emmys, or both. The ATAS rules were by the spokesperson, clarifying that Squid Game couldn’t be submitted for both ceremonies and that it would in fact be in the running for a nomination in the Primetime Emmys, rather than the International Emmys.

Over the past few weeks, Squid Game has received an overwhelming amount of positive reception both from viewers and critics, and with both this potential for Academy recognition and Dong-hyuk’s interest in reprising the show for a second season, it seems as though this is just the beginning for a long history of Squid Game success.

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