“Schmigadoon!” is Hilariously Surreal

“Schmigadoon!” is a musical comedy about Melissa and Josh, a couple who stumble into an alternate universe where everyone acts as if they are in a musical. Although they originally think it’s some kind of tourist attraction, the couple is soon informed that they are trapped in an actual musical until they find true love. After realizing that they must not truly love each other if they’re still stuck, the couple breaks up and tries to find true love elsewhere in the town. With hilarious songs, colorful sets, and an overall surreal feeling, “Schmigadoon!” is a delightfully self-aware take on stereotypes in musicals.

At the beginning of the series, Melissa (Cecily Strong) is set on improving her relationship with Josh (Keegan-Michael Key). Melissa is very intelligent and headstrong, and she can tend to get upset quickly when things don’t go her way. Despite not being super optimistic, she seems to want a more fairytale-like relationship, whereas Josh is fine with the way things are in their relationship. Josh, who is also intelligent, is even more cynical than Melissa. He doesn’t believe in true love and hates musicals, which adds some comedy to the series. Some other characters in the show include Betsy McDonough (Dove Cameron), who is one of the seven daughters of Farmer McDonough, as well as Danny Bailey (Aaron Tveit), the town’s troublemaker. The series also contains a large comedic ensemble, including a stereotypical schoolmarm, preacher, and mayor, as well as many other characters, all with wonderful voices and comical lines.

Everything about this show feels like a real musical, from the brightly colored costumes to the Norman Rockwell-esque sets. The songs are always hilarious, catchy, and memorable, and the over-the-top acting and personalities of the characters are very entertaining. The only thing I don’t really like about the show is how Josh and Melissa aren’t always very likeable. It may just be because the side characters all have such colorful and over-the-top personalities, which make Melissa and Josh seem a little boring in comparison, but they are often my least favorite characters in the show.

Although only about half of the show has been released yet, I’ve really enjoyed it so far. I think that the series will likely end with Josh and Melissa getting back together and realizing that they really do love each other, but there are many other paths the show could take. I would especially recommend “Schmigadoon!” to people who enjoy musicals, but I think that people who don’t enjoy them could also like watching this show because of how it often plays on stereotypes in classic musicals. I would also recommend this show to people who enjoy shows that have an offbeat or surreal feeling, such as “A Series of Unfortunate Events” or “The Mysterious Benedict Society”. Overall, I think that “Schmigadoon!” is an entertaining, witty show, and I’m very excited to see how it will end. You can watch “Schmigadoon!”, which has a new episode releasing every Friday until August 13th, on Apple TV+.

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