“No Good Nick” is Surprisingly Entertaining

I don’t often enjoy sitcoms, but after reading the description of “No Good Nick”, I was intrigued enough to give the show a chance, and I’m very glad that I did. 

“No Good Nick” is about Nicole Franzelli (Sienna Agudong), a thirteen-year-old who shows up on the doorstep of the Thompson family and claims to be a distant relative who needs a home. The Thompson family consists of the father Ed (Sean Astin), the mother Liz (Melissa Joan Hart), 15-year-old Jeremy (Kalama Epstein), and 14-year-old Molly (Lauren Lindsey Donzis). Besides Jeremy, who remains suspicious of Nick throughout the series, the rest of the family quickly welcomes Nick and takes her in. They don’t suspect the fact that Nick is really there for revenge for something that the family did years ago to Nick’s father, who is now in jail. This show maintains an element of mystery, as viewers don’t know who Nick really is, what she needs revenge for, or why her father is in jail. As viewers learn more about Nick’s backstory, they also learn more about the other characters and what they’re each going through. Although the show is mostly meant for kids and tweens, it’s an interesting story that was surprisingly fun to watch for all ages.

I didn’t think the characters were as fleshed-out as they could have been, but I still enjoyed their personalities. Ed, the father of the family, is caring and welcoming to Nick. He bonds with her quickly and treats her as a daughter, which sometimes causes Molly to be jealous. Ed’s cheerful, welcoming personality often makes viewers feel comforted. Molly is also kind to Nick, and her energetic, charitable nature makes the scenes where she becomes serious or emotional a little jarring. Her passion for volunteering and determination to help people is often questioned by her friends, who think she has selfish motives. Throughout the series, Molly deals with her competitive friend group and learns to admit when she’s in the wrong, as well as trying to be kind to Nick despite her jealousy of the way her parents treat Nick. Molly’s brother, Jeremy, is an aspiring politician and can be very paranoid and self-absorbed. He is very skeptical of Nick and tries to convince his family to be distrustful of her as well, which can cause some division in the family. Jeremy’s determination to be better than those around him is often off putting but makes for interesting conflict when he joins school counsel and meets others that are just as hardworking as he is. The mother, Liz, is a determined professional chef. Despite being a little headstrong, she does care about her kids and works hard to support them. Nick is very manipulative, but she is kind deep down. Throughout the series she tries to get closer to the Thompsons so she can get revenge for her father, but she struggles with guilt and keeping her plan intact as she forms some genuine connections with the family. Although she had some vengeful motives, viewers come to like Nick and begin to root for her to find a loving home.

Even though it was meant for people a little younger than me, it still had some fun characters and an entertaining story. A lot of the jokes were pretty cheesy, but it gave the show a more lighthearted feel the majority of the time. When the series began to implement more serious themes as viewers learn more about Nick’s backstory, it makes the emotional scenes even more captivating because of the contrast between those scenes and the scenes that focus on humor. All in all, I thought that “No Good Nick” was a fun, lighthearted series that’s great to watch with your family or friends. I would recommend this show if you like feel-good sitcoms like “Alexa & Katie” or “Ashley Garcia”. You can watch the two-season show now on Netflix.

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