Find Out What NBC Is Keeping Around For A Second Season

As NBC starts to decide what series they are giving a second season we’ll give you the scoop of the two most notable announcements. ‘Kenan’ and ‘Young Rock’ have both been so popular that NBC has renewed them both for second seasons. ‘Kenan’ follows the life of a divorced single dad of two girls who is also juggling his demanding broadcasting job. ‘Young Rock’ is a series that walks its audience through the eras of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s life starting from his childhood to college football to his wrestling career and all the life lessons he learned in between.

The president of scripted programming for NBCUniversal Television, Lisa Katz said this about both the renewals, “It has been a true joy to watch Dwayne Johnson & Kenan Thompson on NBC every week and see families connect with their relatable, entertaining and heartwarming stories”. “We’re thrilled to renew both of these shows for another season and can’t wait to see more from Dwayne, Kenan and the incredibly talented casts and producing teams behind each of them.”

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