Apple TV Dives Into The Music World Of 1971 For Their New Docu-Series

Ever wondered what the best most influential year for rock ‘n’ roll and R&B was? Apple TV among many would give you the answer of 1971. ‘1971: The Year That Music Changed Everything’ will become an eight-episode docu-series. It will do a deep dive into the archives to find footage along with a multitude of interviews to explain their take of why rock ‘n’ roll and R&B was the most impactful during this time, with the help of an area of political turbulence.

When talking about the series Marvine Gay-Rees said, “Also, having made a lot of archive films,” he continued, “I got very excited very quickly about how good the archive [footage] would look, because for me, for my personal tastes, it’s the peak moment in fashion as well,/It’s the end of the ‘60s, and it’s before the ‘70s gets too kind of garish. It’s a brilliant sort of tipping point in fashion as well. If you’ve made as many archive films as Chris [King] and I have, you start thinking, God, this could be a real sort of gold rush here.”

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