As ‘Younger’ Heads Into Its Final Season Could A Spinoff Be Around The Corner?

The hit TV Land series ‘Younger’ airs its final season starting on April 15th but the fun might not stop there. Darren Star who was the writer for series like ‘Sex in the City’ and ‘Beverley Hills, 90210’ is throwing out the possibility of a spinoff for Hilary Duff’s character Kelsey Peters. Star says that the spinoff would be “a totally new universe” without any other ‘Younger’ stars included. The point would be to follow Kelsey Peters as she takes on “another dream”.

With Duff’s schedule clearing up after announcing that a ‘Lizzie McGuire reboot wouldn’t happen, (something I am still emotionally recovering from) there is a higher chance that this new spinoff could pan out. But everything is still up in the air. Star saying, “We’re talking about it. It’s a big question mark whether it’s going to happen” and that “It could be great, but we never know if these things are going to happen until they’re going to happen.”

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